Our courses

Do you have an interest in or a talent for languages?
An interest in …

  • real, living languages as they are spoken and written and as they continue to develop from day to day?
  • the countries where these languages are spoken, and the history, culture and literature of the people
    who speak them?
  • the worlds of economics or engineering?
  • modern electronic telecommunications?
  • current affairs?

Our Institute comprises two schools under one roof

Two avenues of learning for those wishing to obtain professional language qualifications:

The BFS vocational training school
State-qualified foreign-language correspondent
State-qualified Euro-correspondent

The FAK specialist academy
State-qualified translator
State-qualified interpreter

These qualifications may be pursued in a choice of three languages:
English | French | Spanish.

They focus for the purposes of workplace requirements on either of two specialist fields of study:
an economics bias | an engineering bias.